…and, i’m back!

I’ve been daydreaming of picking up the needles again for a while, but between having no time and no money and not really feeling inspired by anything, it just hasn’t happened. But following some links from a guest post on a social media blog by the VP of Marketing for Lion Brand Yarn led me to this post on their blog.

Awesome thigh-high tights/leg warmers in pretty colors and styles for fall? Yep, I’m inspired. They’re probably a bit tedious to knit, but that’s the perfect kind of thing for the train commute – not too complicated and easy to work on in small chunks. Plus, I’m way out of practice and it’d be best for me not to jump into something more advanced until my fingers re-learn what they’re doing.

I also agreed to make another six-hour afghan (free pattern but log-in required); my brother and sister-in-law saw the one I made for my mom when we were home for my sister’s wedding this weekend and they want one.

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  1. Ha, and as if on cue, the LYS near-ish my office downtown just sent an email announcing a 20% off sale all weekend. Uh-oh!

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